SSL & Push…

Well folks I did a bunch of changes this evening:

All ssl enabled hosts moved to the default port (443) we are
now using a wildcard ssl self signed cert (yes it’s naughty.)
I also deployed a new service tonight “Push” for all Exchange
supported “Smart” devices like Blackberries and iPod/iPhone.

The setup is as follows:
Email account: [email protected]
Domain: (Leave this blank)
Username: your username
Password: your password
SSL: Enabled (I only have it enabled for SSL so if you can’t use it sorry!)

I also upgraded Roundcubemail (svn update) again tonight a bunch of
changes came in. I apologize for all the folks who added exceptions for
the SSL certs to their computers. You may now delete them as we’re using
valid certs now instead of the self signed ones…