IPv6 Mark2…

So I finally got IPv6 tunnels to work flawlessly on my home network.
I’ll be sharing the love with Inexistence as soon as I get over to it’s location.

So for anyone who was wondering yes we will have IPv6 services again.
More to come…

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So I did an svn pull a couple of days ago that apparently exposed some bad values in the config file.
I had a merry task of hunting it down, first I thought it was the imap server causing hiccups.
So I tried all sorts of crap including downgrading to an older copy of roundcube.

Finally I decided to diff -urN the conf files and just update everything.
And now I’m pleased to say cubemail works again for everybody.
(at least it should)

Sorry about the interruption of service but at least it didn’t take too long to fix imho.

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Zimbra… Maybe?

So I’ve been playing around in the background with mail servers.
You may have noticed connectivity issues (especially today 12-23-2010)
as I’ve been playing with alternative imap servers.

We’re now using the imap server dovecot instead of wu-imapd.

I’m thinking about installing the Zimbra Open Source Edition.
It would enable a boat load of new features that I’ve been drooling over
specifically CardDAV, iCal and CalDAV for contacts and calendars.

Anybody have an opinion on this suite?
Or any alternatives that they may have used that they recommend?
I’m open to suggestions before I dick with Zimbra…

Thanks in advance.

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SQL the constant headache…

So tonight I went from the stable version of mysql 5.0.51a to 5.1.49 from debian backports.

We’ve been having issues with database corruptions hopefully this will help out.
Please let me know if any of your sql powered sites have issues…

As always enjoy and I hope everything is great on your end…

Update – 10/18/2010
So the backport upgrade really didn’t help much…
I now have a custom shell script I wrote checking the databases every day around 4am.
If you site goes down around then don’t be surprised and a refresh of your browser should do the trick..
(It takes about 2 to 4 seconds to run and re-spawns mysql to fix the OOM issue it still causes)
I cannot wait till squeeze comes out (next version of Debian).

That is all…

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SSH Access…

All SSH access is currently denied for all users as there is a rather evil kernel bug:
Hole in Linux kernel provides root rights

Of course Debian hasn’t patched this in backports yet (which we currently use).
So until this is fixed please drop me a support ticket if you really need shell access.

Otherwise please be patient and I’ll let you know when I lift the ban…

Debian has fixed this with the latest backport kernel upgrade.
Enjoy your shell access again folks!

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Applying some varnish

So I installed and setup varnish tonight.
Everyone should start to see a speedup on page loads / requests for all sites on inexistence.

As always please let me know if you have any issues with your site(s).


PS. I fixed the files that shouldn’t be cached like audio / video files so things return to their
proper streaming speeds.

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