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So I originally grabbed this from:
And most of the heavy lifting is thanks to the original author!

But it was rather old and several updaters didn’t work I did some changes under the hood.

Namely all updates works as of 03-02-2013.
All Scripts are actually using the current Nightly icons (and are actually installed properly instead of pasting the icon on)
Folder created in Applications has been renamed to Devnet and all Nightly downloads will install there.
Version information is now saved in ~/.devnet instead of having multiple .CURRENT_ files in ~/

To install:
Drag the Devnet folder into your Applications folder
Then open said copied folder and drag the Updaters folder to your Dock so you have a quick launch of each:
Pretty sweet huh?


To force re-downloading of a specific app use the “Go To Folder” (Command + Shift + G) in the Finder:
Delete the .CURRENT file of the browser you wish to re-download.

03-05-2013: I did some changes to the update scripts to make sure none of the temporary files are persistent.
(Making sure LaunchServices doesn’t get confused with multiple copies laying around)
So if you have already downloaded this just replace the updates and you should be good to go.

Download is here.

Oh and if you don’t you probably should use DropBox for sharing files with your clients.
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