Super Upgrade Mode…

So tonight I finally got to roll the Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) update on Inexistence.
There may be some hiccups for the next few days as I fix anything that it broke.

I also started rolling IPv6 support now.
I will start adding AAAA dns records as I continue to test the functionality of each host.
All AAAA records have been set for all hosts now.

So please be patient if you notice anything break, I will more than likely be made aware
of it as it happens and will fix it as soon as I can…

Thanks and enjoy as always!

Updates to follow below (for any hiccups and their fixes):
Slight hiccup detected with sendmail: local emailing (aka cron jobs) weren’t working as
expected thanks to snafu. Fixed now from my preliminary tests aka all
my cron job emails are coming in.

Did some changes to apache2 to improve performance and security.

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IPv6 Mark2…

So I finally got IPv6 tunnels to work flawlessly on my home network.
I’ll be sharing the love with Inexistence as soon as I get over to it’s location.

So for anyone who was wondering yes we will have IPv6 services again.
More to come…

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Zimbra… Maybe?

So I’ve been playing around in the background with mail servers.
You may have noticed connectivity issues (especially today 12-23-2010)
as I’ve been playing with alternative imap servers.

We’re now using the imap server dovecot instead of wu-imapd.

I’m thinking about installing the Zimbra Open Source Edition.
It would enable a boat load of new features that I’ve been drooling over
specifically CardDAV, iCal and CalDAV for contacts and calendars.

Anybody have an opinion on this suite?
Or any alternatives that they may have used that they recommend?
I’m open to suggestions before I dick with Zimbra…

Thanks in advance.

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SPF, DKIM, Mail Changes

I’ve implemented spf tags onto inexistence mail to help with spam filtering
(I’m currently just marking headers not failing stuff).

I’ve also implemented DKIM signatures for select domain names.
(Also not failing unsigned domains and all domains are in test mode).

But if you were expecting an email and haven’t received it and
they have confirmed they sent it please let me know…
I know internally there are no email problems so I will receive your notifications.


PS. If you all of a sudden cannot use your email client of choice
set the auth to LOGIN sometimes called PASSWORD
do not use the MD5 / NTLM stuff as you’ll need my help.

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Updates 11-18-2009

And the updates for today are:

All WordPress installs are up to date.
SVN pulls have been done.
apt-get update / dist-upgrade has been done.

IPV6 is coming back soon just have to re-enable the tunnel.

On a side note I’m playing around with the idea of dovecot or another wu-imapd
replacement, I’ll let you know what I decide.

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