Site Launches

So I finally launched the new web site for around 4 am this morning.
Now my site matches the design of it as well so you’ll know off the bat that they are related.

I’ve got quite a bit of changes in the pipeline for users and I’ll be cross
posting here and on the main site (it has a blog section now).

Don’t forget we’re also on Facebook and Google+.
Don’t have a “company” Twitter account but you can always follow mine.

More news coming soon…

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Updates, Updates, Updates!

Yes I’ve promised to update this page more often and keep failing this so I’ll stop making those promises…

This site will still be updated just don’t be offended if it takes forever…

Now on to the latest news:
I’m working with Koji Studios pretty frequently.
All debian apt-get updates/upgrades have been applied today.
Roundcubemail is current as of yesterday (svn).
Wordpress is still current on all vhosts that I maintain.
All systems are go…

Later 😛

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Encryption..and stuff…

Well Inexistence now uses encrypted swap space for some added security.
Google it or read about it here: Encrypted Swap

On another note we finally got godaddy to play along and Koji-Studios
joins the family.. Welcome!

That about sums up the latest news for

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