Update on Connection Issues

The tech finally finished work on our DSL.
He had to change our physical phone connection three times to an unused line on the pole.
As far as reliability is concerned it “should” be better than what we have been going through.
Some time this month we will be moving server locations and possibly a different carrier.
More info will be provided once we figure out which one to go with.

Sorry for the downtime folks but sadly these things happen on occasion.

(The server is running fine just to let you know!)

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Connectivity Issues

So you have probably noticed that Inexistence has been going up and down like a yo-yo lately.
I’ve been posting notices on our Facebook, Google+, and my Twitter feed about it but I can finally post here.

It’s not the server it’s the internet connection.
We have a Cincinnati Bell technician coming out today (01/09/2012) at 9 AM between 12 and 4 PM to try and fix the issue.
Be prepared for some downtime while they scratch their head attempting to fix it.

Keep your fingers crossed that they can.

This is all for now.

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Updates 12-22-2011

So I downgraded from the svn version of z-push 2 alpha to the stable z-push 1.5.6-954.
It fixes iOS sync issues (basically 100% worthless to even try and use the other version.)

So if you’re using push services you will probably have to once again re-add the exchange account.

I also did a svn pull of round cube tonight.
Did an apt-get upgrade of the following:
dovecot libperl-dev libperl5.10 libsoup-gnome2.4-1 libsoup2.4-1
perl perl-base perl-doc perl-modules perl-suid

pure-ftpd got an upgrade tonight as well.
mod_cloudflare was updated.

Additionally I got to update my iPhone and push notifications still work yippee!

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Updates 12-13-2011

So I finally got to catch up with all the WordPress updates.
Every site I manage is now running WordPress 3.3.

All plugins are up to date…
Themes are updated… code has been adjusted to be valid…

I also did a apt-get upgrade and dovecot of course was updated.
svn pull on roundcubemail had some changes…

So the updates end.

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Swamped 12-08-2011

Yes I am aware there are several WordPress sites I manage on Inexistence that are in
need of some updates. Namely theme updates and some code tweaks.

I will be getting to this once the massive amount of computers I’m repairing
dwindles back to something I can manage.

Within this past week alone 5 rather (in sad shape) Windows computers have graced my workstation.
Dead lines on the repairs have really sucked all my administration time away from Inexistence.

So once again when things die down I’ll be back to update your WordPress stuff.
Bare with me it shouldn’t take too long…


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