Hiatus 11-18-2011

I will be out of town for a bit as I’m helping a friend move back to New Orleans.
I will be fielding any support issues if I can (depends upon wireless / cell signal).

Just a heads up for everybody.
I’ll post a lot of pictures when I get back…

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Updates 11-14-2011

So I installed z-push-2 from svn tonight.
You should probably re-add your account on your mobile device to pick up the new features.
(ActiveSync 14.0 supported now.)

New roundcubemail svn pull as well tonight.

I also bumped up the max supported connections per ip for imap connections.
Hope you folks are enjoying stuff still.

This is all…

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RIP Steve Jobs

Rest in peace Steve.
Your insights into driving technology has really shaped my life.

I’ll be lighting a candle for you: Steve Jobs @ Apple

Thanks Steve - Jonathan Mak Long

Thanks Steve - Jonathan Mak Long

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Router Damaged

So late last night we had a storm of epic proportions which caused quite a bit of flooding to occur.
While the server is fine it fried our network router / switch entirely.

I brought over my secondary repeating router to fill in the service gap for now.
We really need to get / replace the current router with a different one as this is only a stopgap solution.

If you are a current user of inexistence and enjoy our services then I please ask you to donate
any amount to help fix this massive issue.

You can use the button below to help out:

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I changed webmin around a bit folks.
It can now be accessed from the following address here.

Of course you must have login access to use it of course…

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