WordPress 2.8.4

I’m currently updating all wordpress sites to 2.8.4.
Sorry about the lack of updates…

I’m on facebook now and it sucks up time not to mention work…

More later..

PS. My one year anniversary with my wife Gwyn is this weekend, wow what a fast year!

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WordPress 2.8.2

I updated most of the wordpress sites to 2.8.2 tonight.
Working on the wife’s site currently (playing with wordtube).

That’s all for now.

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Last.fm added…

I add the last.fm records plugin so you folks can see what songs
I am currently listening to. (even includes album artwork!)

If you haven’t heard of last.fm you really should check it out, it doesn’t have adds
or anything else annoying that other sites do…


PS. I also added a mobile check link for the site to show ready.mobi results
my site has an overall rating of good. Just one warning and it’s for some
javascript that detects more advanced mobile devices so I’m going to keep it.

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IM-Online Removed…


I had to remove the im-online wordpress plugin as it was causing the slow loading times here. (And it was wrong most of the time anyway.)
Notice how much faster it is?

So yeah you’ll have to launch your im client to see if I’m online from now on…

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Well I finally dragged myself over to the server with a dvds worth of photos.
You can find them here on my gallery…

Yes the wedding photos are available as well.


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Well I registered a new domain today….
For this site and from now on I’d recommend reaching it via it’s new url:


I will also keep the blog.inexistence.org url up until another staff member creates a blog,
then maybe it will be a redirection deal or something along a sitemap… *shrugs*

And so ends another post…

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