Router Damaged

So late last night we had a storm of epic proportions which caused quite a bit of flooding to occur.
While the server is fine it fried our network router / switch entirely.

I brought over my secondary repeating router to fill in the service gap for now.
We really need to get / replace the current router with a different one as this is only a stopgap solution.

If you are a current user of inexistence and enjoy our services then I please ask you to donate
any amount to help fix this massive issue.

You can use the button below to help out:

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IPv6 Mark2…

So I finally got IPv6 tunnels to work flawlessly on my home network.
I’ll be sharing the love with Inexistence as soon as I get over to it’s location.

So for anyone who was wondering yes we will have IPv6 services again.
More to come…

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Well I finally dragged myself over to the server with a dvds worth of photos.
You can find them here on my gallery…

Yes the wedding photos are available as well.


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Well today something interesting and all sorts of fun occurred…

Inexistence is now a basement server, aka it moved to a basement.
(Yes there is a dehumidifier in the room just in case)
Now wired to a dedicated breaker just for it and the internet connection.
(I personally wired it)

So yeah watch the temperatures stay around the same from now on thanks to a cooler environment.
Not that it matters much the case has seven fans before you put anything in it…(Server grade case of course…)

That’s all for now…

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