Gwyn Graduated!

I would just like to say congrats to my wife for graduating magna cum-laude!

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WordPress 2.8.4

I’m currently updating all wordpress sites to 2.8.4.
Sorry about the lack of updates…

I’m on facebook now and it sucks up time not to mention work…

More later..

PS. My one year anniversary with my wife Gwyn is this weekend, wow what a fast year!

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Well I finally dragged myself over to the server with a dvds worth of photos.
You can find them here on my gallery…

Yes the wedding photos are available as well.


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Life and stuff…

So to catch everyone up with what has been going on in my life I will do a quick summary:

I started my own business repairing and helping people with their computers.
Because of this I have attempted to become more professional online and in person.
(I got a hair cut it’s short and I’ve dropped domain names that I’ve used in the past.)
I got married August 16, 2008 to my lovely wife Gwyneth Ravenscraft
(you can find a link to her blog here it’s Ravensblood she updates a little more than me.)
I’ve been learning new things besides computers, like doing plumbing work and car repair
(to save money for myself and landlords).
I built my wife a computer which I end up using more than her as I do a lot of computer work.
(Big shock I know…)
I’ve rewired yet again another old house and this time I mean to never do it again.
My garage was broken into and someone took my bike and my air compressor.

If I can think of anything else I’ll add it to this post later, but that should do for now.

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