Well I add recently converted most of the sites on inexistence to now use cloudflare.
It’s a rather interesting service which has replaced my primary DNS service I used to use everydns.

To break it down for everyone this means better speed as they cache site files for quicker loading.
They also prevent known spambots from even connecting to hosted sites.

For any admin out there I heartily recommend their service as it’s really cost effective to boot.
(We are currently using their free account and it provides so much stuff!)

If you’re using self hosting with WordPress they even provide a plugin for analytics tracking stuff
along with a database optimization feature.
(Though I do automatic database optimization every four hours or so on Inexistence)

Anyways I hope everyone enjoys their just a little bit faster hosting and once again enjoy!

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Applying some varnish

So I installed and setup varnish tonight.
Everyone should start to see a speedup on page loads / requests for all sites on inexistence.

As always please let me know if you have any issues with your site(s).


PS. I fixed the files that shouldn’t be cached like audio / video files so things return to their
proper streaming speeds.

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QoS Enabled (Again)

So I once again enabled QoS (I forgot to enable it when we came back to
using dd-wrt from the airport extreme).

For those who wonder what QoS is that explains it pretty well.

To explain it in easier terms I had to reserve part of the network so upstream
cannot be flooded causing a denial of service. Now mind you a very slight denial
of service more of a lag of service and this fixes the issue quite well. Sadly
this also causes another issue and that is people will now download slightly slower
from the server but everything will be more responsive so the trade off is entirely worth it.

The reason I re-enabled this service is because I’ve noticed several users sending very
large attachments (email) to yahoo. Now normally this isn’t much of an issue but yahoo uses
a deferral system the basically causes inexistence to keep retrying to send said email.
Which yahoo rejects until they decide when it’s ok for the email to be delivered.

(Yes we use DKIM and SPF so there is nothing I can do to accelerate it any further).

So for anyone sending email to yahoo and wondering why it takes so long for
them to get it, this is why and if you really care about the person you are sending
email to then I would strongly suggest to them to use a better service.

Gmail, Hotmail, MobileMe, and many more exist and do the job in a more
standards conforming manner that doesn’t piss off our server..

That’s all for now.

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Updates 06-16-2010

I did another apt-get upgrade mainly bind9 stuff nothing too important.

I installed imapproxy for squirrelmail/roundcubemail you should notice
an increase in speed when using them. (I know I did!)

Svn pulls were also performed tonight (roundcubemail, z-push)
Sadly because of so many changes I had to reset the roundcubemail
SQL database you will have to setup your account stuff again. (Sorry!)

I fixed mimedefang today for some reason it had a fit and prevented
sendmail from doing it’s job properly…

I updated all wordpress plugins on all of the sites I manage.

And I played around with WordPress 3.0 RC3 tonight it’s looking good.

Now friend connect with me via the bar at top and read the site more
often users! All major changes that occur on Inexistence I post here!

End of Line.

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Webalizer Log Files…

Ok I did a log file rotation for all webalizer logs…
A bunch of sites had log files that were rather large…

What this means is your /usage for September might be off.
Though I bet you didn’t know you had a /usage on your domain.

Back to the normal schedule…

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